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September 24, 2021 2 min read

Safety is a New Dimension of Luxury

As the world emerges, cleanliness and risk reduction remain pivotal to Windsor Limo’s exclusive travel experiences. We work exceedingly hard to ensure you’re at ease while riding with us. Our protocols evolve with public health news; here are current risk-reduction and safety protocols.

We Clean and Sanitize Vehicles Between Each Ride

Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols keep you healthy and Windsor’s limos transport-ready.

  1. We wash and disinfect customer touchpoints and passenger areas with EPA approved disinfectants, daily. More, we clean and sanitize our fleet after every ride.
  2. Specifically, we disinfect consoles, armrests, seats, windows and door handles for your safe arrival.
  3. If we discover a potential COVID-19 carrier onboard, the vehicle stays off-service for 48 hours, (twice the time recommended by CDC). We completely sanitize the vehicle before it comes back into service.

For Our Chauffeurs: On-Ride Interactions

We try our best to keep the same chauffeur in the same vehicle to avoid multiple contacts. Prioritizing driver safety ensures a safer clientele. Internal health checks and testing mean chauffeurs won’t work if they display any signs of being unwell.

  1. Our masked and gloved chauffeurs will not shake hands until the pandemic is behind us.
  2. Chauffeurs open vehicle doors for you, maintaining a 6-foot social distance.
  3. A protective barrier separates chauffeurs and passengers in every vehicle.
  4. We leave the front passenger seat empty.
  5. While handling passenger doors and luggage, chauffeurs wear fresh gloves every time. If you prefer to handle your own luggage to reduce the driver’s physical contact, just tell the chauffeur.
  6. We limit the sharing of physical materials between chauffeur and passengers to a bare minimum.
  7. We clean or replace chauffeur gloves after every ride to avoid cross-contamination.

Safeguarding Your Health Down the Road

For Our Passengers: Transparency and Safety First

Feel free to ask the chauffeur to talk you through safety steps, disinfection protocols and vehicle prep before your arrival. Drivers are proud to share what goes into a safe, luxurious trip.

  1. We offer complimentary disposable masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to passengers as needed.
  2. Packaged drinking water and refreshments are still offered, but only on request.
  3. We go beyond the basics. A corona-free environment requires more than just santitization. We follow CDC recommendations by removing anything that can potentially carry the virus. Newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials are still available, but only on request.
  4. We encourage cashless transactions via onboard card readers. In case these are not available, please insist that your driver use gloves for tendering cash.

Book with Confidence

Even in the best of times, we know plans can change. If they do, we’d be glad to assist you in customizing, amending, or re-booking your trip.