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October 19, 2021 3 min read



Summer changed into fall and most of us will re-enter the hurly-burly of in-person experiences. As the weather gets crisp, New York life accelerates. We're different after the pandemic and Windsor Limo is here to help power touchless living with automated weekly errands and activities. We offer safe, luxurious and super-private travel experiences built for today's New York. Windsor Limo can help just about anything that involves travel on a regular basis. Here are a few suggestions. Please inquire about recurring services that can elevate and automate post-pandemic life: info@windsor-limo.com

Fall is also a fabulous season to reconnect with nature in the East Coast's rural enclaves or break from the hustle with staycations to see what's in your own backyard. Luxury limousine experiences go beyond the function of getting you from A to B. The value of limousine services lies in our people, products and pride. Windsor’s chauffeurs are highly trained and experienced in providing safe, customized services in bespoke automobiles and sharp suits.

By the Trip. By the Hour.

Our flexible, luxurious transportation can be made available by the hour in metro New York City and the Tri-State areas. We host a range of Sedans, SUVs, Sprinters and luxurious mini vans from Lincoln Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Audi. For individual trips, please call dispatch or buy via our website's e-commerce.

Work. Live. Repeat.

Make Windsor part of your week. Here are three ways in which you can take advantage of Windsor Limo services regularly.

School Drop-Off and Pick-Ups

There are few things more anxiety-making to busy New York parents than a child’s safe commute to and from school. We only employ licensed, vetted professionals and have a no-tolerance policy for unsafe driving. Relying on Windsor Limo delivers safe, hygienic, on-time pick-ups. Ask how we can help you achieve greater convenience, safety and peace of mind.

Back to Work | In-Person Office Trips

As the country opens back up, many offices have more in-person work days. Most of us are naturally more cautious than before the pandemic, but Windsor can help avoid crowds and give you the confidence to get back out there safely. By booking a daily ride to work, you get the benefits of your Windsor chauffeurs knowledge and trust to get you where you want to go. Safely and on time. New Yorkers who already use recurring services often plan ahead for time to run errands, see friends and anything else to run their lives. Let Windsor Limo help automate your week with safety, efficiency and luxury.

Weekend Getaways

Travelling to a country house or weekend break? Let Windsor Limo jumpstart your R&R. Spare your tribe avoidable risks like crowds and long queues. Instead, let Windsor Limo provide customized experiences of calm, comfortable, convenient, hygienic travel.

COVID-19 Safety

Windsor Limo follows COVID-19 safety protocolsin ways that are always elegantly ready for your next adventure. We offer safe, luxurious and super-private travel experiences built for today's New York.

Child Car Seats

Windsor Limo offers convertible child seats designed specifically for infants and toddlers to guarantee their safety and comfort.

Choose Windsor Limo

Let us make your next journey unforgettable. Choose Windsor Limo, where every client is a Very Important Passenger.